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December, 2019

She's Gone

A Love Story

by Ezra Brain

She’s Gone follows Sam, a genderqueer person in their 20s and 30s, as they end various relationships throughout the play. Each scene features the ending of a new relationship with new woman--all played by the same actress. Sometimes they end with a bang and sometimes with a whimper. In-between each scene, we see a fragment that exists out of time. These fragments give us insight into Sam’s past. Slowly, we begin to understand why they continually self-sabotage and we begin to grapple with the nature of love, loss, and relationships.

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October, 2019

The Interrobangers

Mystery of the Foggy Bluffs Monster

by M Sloth Levine

In the town of Foggy Bluffs, four teenagers spend their weekends in a van exploring the woods, weed, and wondering if their dog understands what they’re saying. They remember unmasking goblins and ghosts as men trying to get away with real estate fraud, but when Zodiac DuMaurier is briefly abducted, he insists the aliens were real. What truth is harder to accept, that there are indeed monsters in the woods, or that the childhood you thought you had was nothing more than a cartoon?​

Finding Beautiful 

By Anessa Marie and Danny Bristoll

Finding Beautiful combines elements of jazz and traditional musical theatre to form a new song cycle that asks the question, "What does it sound like to be heard?"

Directed by Kevin Paley

Assistant Directed by Molly Chiffer

Musical Direction by Anessa Marie

Assistant Musical Direction by Gary Grundei

Stage Management by Andi Lee Carter

Sound Design by Kimberly O'Laughlin

Lighting Design by Kate August

Associate Lighting Design by Alaska Harris

Hair, Makeup, Costume Design by Georgia Tournai

Hair Associate: Wendy Howell

Makeup Associate: Jamie Bifulco

Produced by Kevin Paley, Caitlin McQuade, Audrey Rush, and Kristin Goehring

Starring: Amy Burgess, Annika Chavez, Rachel Rose Gilmour, Hannah Rose*, Jacob Michael, and Darius-Anthony Robinson*.

Finding Beautiful was a Main Stage selection in the New York Musical Festival in 2019 and debuted on the Griffin Theatre at the Pershing Square Signature Theatre. After a nearly sold-out run, Finding Beautiful was awarded runner up for Fan Favorite. 

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