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The Art Garage, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit in the state of New York dedicated to producing the work of Transgender artists. Founded in December of 2018, The Art Garage celebrates the infinitude of the gender spectrum and the universality of the human condition.


It is certainly true that in the world of New York nonprofit theatre, a small but growing number of opportunities exist for Transgender+ artists to work with various companies as actors, playwrights, designers, and administrators. The Art Garage, however, places gender at the center of artistic conversation so that we may create art that examines the binary structure within which our society functions. How has this structure shaped our understanding of the world around us? How can we work against this conditioned understanding? Ultimately, the goal of our work is the normalization of all identities across the gender spectrum. Where discrimination and oppression stem from “otherization”, art has the power to demonstrate the humanity within trans individuals. We are not a single identity; transness is merely one facet of our livelihood, like race, religion, ability, sexuality, and more. We are, by definition, a theatre company that believes in the equality of all people.